Eternity Umbrella-壹企:高端网站策划、设计、建设、推广方案提供者,互联网整合营销专家


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Eternity Umbrella

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Eternity Umbrella

We've been manufacturing umbrella since 1990,our specialized and highly motivated team has professional umbrella experince more than 20 years with innovative product development, efficient quality management ,trendy as well as competitive prices.

Main Market:
Currently we supply to 180 wholesalers in China and OEM buyers across countries in Europe, America,Australia, Russia and Asia.
Company profile:
Factory Area:14000 square meters.
Workers:100-150 qualified skilled workers.
Suppliers:A network of 26 suppliers ensuring a steady supply of raw   materials.
Capacity per month: 100,000 units
Product Range: Umbrella for promotion, Umbrella for ladies, men and kids umbrella, functional umbrellas.,Cartoon Umbrella  etc.